Study Logistics and E-business

Study Logistics and E-business: a study programme with a future

We are surrounded by logistics and e-business on a daily basis. Whether at school, at work or in our free time, whether we are aware of it or not: Logistics and e-business are our daily companion.

After all, "doing business" without properly functioning logistics is unthinkable nowadays. The virtual marketplace on the Internet has become indispensable. Thus, this sector encompasses an array of demanding tasks such as procurement, warehouse management, distribution, process optimisation and personnel planning. And all these tasks have to be supported by modern IT solutions. Logistics and e-business tasks make up part of every company today.

The field of "Logistics and E-business" (LEB) is considered to be one of the industries of the future, with an increasing demand for specialists trained in business administration. We would therefore like to make you fit for this area with the Logistics and E-Business degree programme. Get fit for the future.

Study content in the Logistics and E-business programme

Logistics and E-business is a business administration degree programme with a focus on the future-oriented industry of "Logistics and E-business".
About 70% of the programme’s content consists of business and economics courses, in which we teach you basic and advanced business administration knowledge. This includes topics such as controlling, taxes, human resources management, marketing or investment and financing during your studies.
The industry-specific part makes up approx. 20% of the study programme and will provide you with an increasing professional specialisation in logistics management and e-business.
The remaining 10% are distributed among courses in interdisciplinary qualifications, giving you the opportunity to acquire the soft skills (e.g. presentation and communication techniques, intercultural skills, or foreign languages) that companies often look for.
The standard duration of the Logistics and E-business programme is 6 semesters (3 years). The programme concludes with a final thesis (Bachelor's thesis) and an oral examination.


Possible professions in logistics or e-business

Service companies with IT functions

  • Planning and provision of IT services
  • Planning of IT systems for logistics service providers
  • Consulting and sales, especially for customers in logistics and transport


Industry and trade

  • Purchasing and procurement
  • Planning and handling of material and goods
  • Production planning and control
  • Control of material flow and internal transport
  • Distribution planning
  • Logistics controlling


Transport and logistics services

  • Planning and provision of logistics services
  • Control of the use of IT tools
  • Quality management
  • Logistics controlling
  • Distribution planning

Recycling and waste disposal

  • Planning and provision of waste disposal logistics services
  • Staff scheduling
  • Quality management