Study & excercicse

Kannenbäckerland has so much to offer hikers and nature lovers: from the Nassau National Park to Köppel hill and the forest adventure trail – there is so much to explore along the many beautiful hiking trails throughout the region. Hike through a magical gorge on the Brexbach valley trail or enjoy magnificent views from the hilltops – there is something for every interest and fitness level. Why not try a geocaching scavenger hunt – a popular outdoor activity in the area.

The region has a lot of options for sports lovers. There are many sports clubs offering a range of ways to keep fit, including the Zugbrücke Grenzau table tennis club, which has one of the best teams in Europe. After an strenuous day learning, students can relax in one of the region's high quality spa centres. The Middle Rhine World Heritage Site is within easy reach and there is plenty to discover. The Nordic.Fitness.Park is currently the biggest in Germany and is approved by the German Nordic Walking Association (DNV). There are 15 different trails along over 150 KM of paths to explore in the park.

Koblenz also offers plenty of options for sports lovers. The university sports programme has something for everyone: football, martial arts, fitness, dance, weight training, running, diving, swimming, sailing, fencing, mountain biking, yoga, climbing, riding, rugby, basketball, squash and much more. Every semester, there is an extensive range of sports activities for students.