Application Process for Incoming students

Application forms, dates and deadlines

Incoming exchange students first need to apply at their home university. Further information can be obtained at the International Office of your university. After you have been selected for the exchange program by your university, you may apply to the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. We will contact all students by the time we open the application process for your semester at UAS Koblenz and assist them with the application and registration processes for OLAT, an online learning platform used heavily at our university. We will collect all documents and give out all necessary information mostly through this platform or sometimes via email.

The following forms must be provided via OLAT:

Online Learning Agreement for EU students

Learning Agreement for non-EU students

Student Application Form

If you are a student applying from an EU member country, please use the Learning Agreement for EU students, even if you are not an EU citizen.

Please upload the completed forms together with a transcript of records into your personal folder in OLAT.

Exchange students of the study program Fine Arts Glass and Ceramics, please send the completed forms together with a transcript of records and your portfolio:

  • by e-Mail to Patrizia Spieker - ikkg       

The International Office at Koblenz University of Applied Sciences will forward the documents to the respective departments to be signed. The signed documents can then be downloaded from OLAT also.

Here you can find a video description on how to register with OLAT: