Teaching Staff Mobility

Teaching Staff Mobility

Erasmus+ supports teaching periods at higher education institutions (HEIs) abroad.

If you work in higher education, you can spend time teaching at an institution in an Erasmus+ Programme or Partner country.

Teaching opportunites are also available to staff working in Programme country organisations.

Examples of such organisations include businesses, public bodies, social partners, research institutes and non-governmental organisations.

A teaching period between two Programme countries must last a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

A teaching period between a Programme country and a Partner country must last a minimum of 5 days and maximum of 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

During your stay abroad, the teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 8 hours per week (or any shorter period of stay) of actual teaching time.

Programme country HEIs also have the opportunity to invite staff from businesses or other organisations located in Programme countries to teach at their institution (STA2).

Teaching staff mobilities cover

  • Teaching staff with contractual relationship with Hochschule Koblenz
  • Teachers for special tasks
  • scientific staff
  • Corporate staff (incoming)

The program covers

Teaching staff from other HEI institutions:

  • distance-related funding for travel costs
  • Accomodation Costs per day

Teaching Staff from Hochschule Koblenz:

According to available funding, the funding period might be different from the actual travel period.


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