RheinAhrCampus Remagen at a Glance History

Glimpses of a success story...

Please note that the following chronology is not intended to be exhaustive. It is only meant to evidence the pace of development and innovation as well as some of the milestones achieved so far.


1994 26 Apr The Bonn/Berlin Act is passed. This federal law specifies the compensation for the Bonn region after the transfer of the title German capital from Bonn to Berlin, due to reunification. Bonn and the region are awarded substantial financial means for new investments into higher education. One of the compensation projects is RheinAhrCampus Remagen, the northernmost university campus in the federal state of Rhineland Palatinate.
1997 13 Oct Laying of foundation stone
1998 May Topping-out ceremony and press conference introducing the mission statement and the concept
1998 05 Oct Official opening attended by Jürgen Zöllner, Minister of State for Education, Science and Further Education in Rhineland Palatinate and about 240 guests of honour
1998 October First students admitted for the winter semester; a total of 119 students take up their "Diplom" studies in the Faculty of Business and Social Management and the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology
1999 January Start of the Ada Lovelace Project, which aims to promote girls and women with an interest in studying natural sciences and technologies
2000 February First academic excursion to Achill Island, Ireland; in the context of European projects, these excursions connect students from several European partner universities for joint activities in workshops, seminars, project tasks, etc.
2000 August Opening of the RheinAhrCampus library
2001 March Opening of the newly built campus canteen; launch of the university soccer team
2001 June Student soccer team wins state competition
2001 October First "Campus 'n Region" fair for companies, future students and the general public; this is one out of many activities providing links to regional institutions
2002 March Implementation of the semester ticket (providing free public transport for every enrolled student travelling between Cologne and Koblenz)
2002 April Number of enrolled students exceeds 1,000; First Girl's Day event to promote women in higher education (especially in the natural sciences and engineering)
2002 May Launch of the first Summer School Program in cooperation with Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC, USA, and HS Bonn-Rhein-Sieg; this short-term exchange program continues to make a significant contribution tho the activities in the framework of the Sister State Agreement between the federal states of South Carolina and Rhineland Palatinate
2002 June First Logistics Forum; First science@night event - a summer event celebrating innovation in the natural sciences and introducing RAC research activities to the public
2002 September First Remagen Physics Days
2003 September MBA Program in Distance Learning welcomes the first 83 students. Apart from a good range of basic modules, they can choose concentrations in Marketing, Production Management, Logistics Management, Health Care and Social Services Management, and Leisure and Tourism Management.
2003 November Celebration of the fifth anniversary of RAC - and "Campus 'n Region"
2003 December Topping-out ceremony for a newly built hall of residence near the campus
2004 March Medical Robotics, Navigation and Visualization (MRNV), an international conference bringing together more than 300 scientists
2004 April Opening of the Multi Beach Court
2004 May First International Week; this networking event, which has been a regular component of the campus calendar until today, celebrates the links to more than 20 partner universities around the world and involves visits of many international guests. Apart from that, sponsorship agencies, companies and other important partners are actively involved.
2004 December Opening of the University Child Care Centre
2005 March Reconstruction of Soft Facial Parts (RSFP), an international conference attended by over 150 scientists
2005 April Launch of the degree programme "Educational and Social Management in Early Childhood" - a program which receives substantial attention nationwide
2005 September After a successful auditing process, FH Koblenz is awarded the status of a "Familienfreundliche Hochschule" (i.e. family-friendly university, an equivalent of the "work & family" audit at the level of German higher-education institutions).
2005 June First children's university lecture courses
2005 September The unique distance learning process "Educational and Social Management with a focus on Early Childhood (B.A.)" is launched with substantial media attention.
2005 November Implementation of Quality Management Circle
2005 December Students launch Pr1mus (a counselling agency run by students)
2006 February RheinAhrCampus hosts the regional section of "Jugend forscht - Kinder experimentieren" (Research by Young People) for the first time .
2006 July Number of students reaches 2,500.
2006 September Implementation of bachelor's and master's programmes replacing the more traditional, nationally standardised "Diplom" programmes.
2006 September The new MBA concentration "Recapitalisation and Insolvency Management" is offered for the first time.
2006 December The blog "Absolutely intercultural" (Dr. Laurent Borgmann/Anne Fox) receives the Edublog Award in the category "best audio and/or visual podcast".
2007 November RheinAhrCampus Remagen is awarded a second place in the 2007 University Communication Prize competition - for an outstanding website.
2007 December Agreement with "Kultur-Leaderhip-Stiftung / Universitaet Landau" paves the way for cooperation concerning doctoral degrees for RAC graduates and staff.
2008 February Mittelrhein Institute established to foster cooperation of universities, hospital and clinics in Koblenz, Remagen and the region.
2008 October RheinAhrCampus celebrates its tenth anniversary.
2009 October Official Opening of the RheinAhrCampus Recreation Area after a planning and realisation phase of 3.5 years and a total investment of EUR 140,000
2009 September The new MBA concentration "Leadership/Financial Management" is offered for the first time.
2010 January The project „Integration im Fachbereich“ (Integration into Faculty) is launched at RheinAhrCampus. It aims to support German and international students with their integration into academic life and the campus community.
2010 December The blog "Absolutely intercultural" (Dr. Borgmann/Anne Fox) is among the winners of the European Podcast Award.
2011 March The new MBA concentration "Leadership" is offered for the first time.
2012 March The new MBA concentration "Sports Management" is offered for the first time.
2012 September The Faculty of Business and Social Management is renamed. Its new name, "Faculty of Business and Social Sciences" is meant to strengthen the university's profile.
2013 March The first students of Technomathematics take up their undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology.
2013 September The first students of "Health Care and Social Services Management: Business Administration for the Nursing Sector" take up their undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences.
2015 April Ahrweiler District Administration names RheinAhrCampus "Institution of the Month".
2016 February HS Koblenz reaches second place in MeinProf.de Higher Education Ranking. This ranking is mainly based on student responses and focuses on teaching quality and resources.
2016 August Eleven high school students from the Ahrweiler region program robot animals (ROBERTAS) in the context of the Ada Lovelace Project. The purpose of this state-funded program is to motivate young women for careers in Science and Engineering.
2017 February HS Koblenz reaches first place in Rhineland Palatinate on MeinProf.de Higher Education Ranking. This ranking is mainly based on student responses and focuses on teaching quality and resources.
2018 October RheinAhrCampus celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2019 March Topping-out ceremony for new seminar tract and dormitories
2019 July First launch of the Double Degree with the University of the Sunshine Coast.