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Hello everyone ( გამარჯვება ) Garmarjoba!

I am currently on my Erasmus semester at the biggest university of Georgia, in the caucasian region. I arrived here in the end of February and I am extremely surprised by almost every aspect in this country.

Georgia is a very old country, still unknown by many people but with one of the richest cultures I have seen so far. It goes from big and modern cities to amazing nature and mountains.

The Tbilisi State University offers a lot of different courses on BA and MA level for exchange students, also language courses like Georgian, Russian, Portuguese and many others.

Our university life is very interesting and less stressed compared to the German system, students are very close the professors which make the classes very enjoyable.

The language barrier was for sure the biggest one I had to deal with, it was the first time that I lived in country where I cannot read or speak some of the language. After some classes we are able to say some small sentences which make the Georgian people very happy as they see that we are trying.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, experience something totally different, I would recommend that you apply for one the scholarships for Georgia, you will have the time of your life here. You can always contact me if you need any information about Erasmus in Tbilisi.

  • Leonardo in Georgia

    Leonardo in Georgia