Buddies and International students Experience

Buddies and International students Experience

The participants of our Buddy Program are sharing their experience with us:

Tereza: “I joined the buddy program in winter 2019 as I wanted to make international friends. Later, I got integrated into the community of the RheinAhrCampus exchange students and met wonderful people from South Korea, India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Australia, who were always there for me even despite the pandemics. My current buddy and I became really close friends and see each other almost every day. We are planning a road trip through her home country India. I'm looking very much forward to our exciting adventure."

Jency: “When I was moving out of my country for the first time, I was in touch with my buddy before even I reached Germany. I never felt like I didn't know someone here. Tereza showed me many beautiful places. The first city we visited together was Bonn, and that is a trip that I will always remember. We also had many dinner nights together. I cooked for her Indian traditional food and she cooked for me Pirohy, We have had talks about the traditional foods in the Czech Republic, the country that Tereza is from. I am very lucky to have a buddy like Tereza. I have so many memories with her which I will cherish forever. Tereza is my first international friend."

Pravesh: It was such a relief to know that I always have help and that I can start somewhere to build my network and integrate better in my new home (Remagen). My Buddy is such a nice friend of mine, one of the very first friends I made here. She helped me out even when I arrived earlier than I am supposed to. I had a nice time with her and we invited each other to gatherings and had a lot of fun hiking together on Erpeler Ley.”

Mona: “A buddy will be able to build a friendship and acquire future connections from a distinct part of the world. Also, they will get priority boarding to all our events, and a certificate of participation in the program."

Komninos, an Erasmus + student from Greece, is telling us about experience with his buddy in his blog