Welcome at the Faculty of Business and Management

The faculty Business and Management regards itself as a teaching and research institution which is geared towards filling vacant professional and management positions at local businesses. In addition, this offer comprises the study programmes outlined in image which attracts students from beyond the immediate region. Some 2,000 students study in the faculty Business and Management (December 2019).

There are eight Bachelor of Science (BSc) study programmes, five of which are fulltime study programmes and three are extra-occupational. Another Bachelor study programme "Ceramics Business Engineer" (BSc) is currently being developed. The study programme is supplemented by three consecutive Master of Science (MSc) fulltime study progammes and two advanced extra-occupational Master study courses.

The Bachelor programme "Marketing and International Business" has been designed to meet the needs arising in Marketing and Management roles and at the same time internationalisation aspects are accounted for. In line with that a large part of modules are held in English and therefore can be taken by incoming students. Not to forget the lecturers in the faculty with a strong professional background and numerous ties to  businesses  at home and abroad who will empower graduates to successfully complete their Bachelor degree which is a prerequisite for a Master degree. By spending a semester abroad or in an international placement students are able to refine their international profile.


Please find all necessary information about application, living and studying at the Hochschule Koblenz University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Business and Management in our factsheet (PDF) listed on the right side. 

Lectures (04.10.2022 to 13.01.2023)

Exam phase (16.01.2023 to 03.02.2023)