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Presenting at International Conferences

Für Promovierende aller Fachbereiche

Oral presentations are an essential part of communicating research results to a scientific audience and represent an important aspect of being a professional researcher. The overall aim of this training is to present strategies and techniques for giving a successful talk in English. The training consists of theoretical inputs, exercises, best-practice examples, feedback and discussions. An additional focus will be on remote presentations. With the help of expert feedback, you will get the chance to improve content, structure, speech and non-verbal communication. After the training, you know how to give convincing presentations about your scientific topics, both in real life as well as virtually. You are prepared to set up and give your own presentation, be a more confident speaker, and know how to reduce stage-fright. Ideally, you attend this training while preparing for an upcoming scientific conference that you will attend.


  • Benefits and challenges of oral presentations
  • Professional feedback
  • Planning, preparing and structuring the presentation
  • Defining your presentation audience, aims and key message
  • Use of verbal and non-verbal language
  • Rehearsing, revising and improving the presentation
  • Dealing with questions, discussions and feedback
  • How to avoid common mistakes?
  • Virtual presentations

Referent: Robert Kötter

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