Course content Specialisation area operations management

Introduction to the specialisation area

Modern and efficient enterprises are characterised by their excellent links to other businesses and highly integrated working practices and processes. Businesses can only remain competitive if they fully understand and optimise their procurement, production, logistics and IT. In many cases on courses of study,  these subject areas are only dealt with in isolation and sporadically.  In the area of specialisation "Operations Management" on the master's degree programme, the necessary skills to achieve the optimum organisation of all the processes in an enterprise are taught consecutively.  In the "Model Factory" Koblenz  ( and numerous other practice-led lectures and projects, students gain the required knowledge in the areas of procurement, logistics, production, IT, organisation, process optimisation, project management as well as in agile methods and management consulting.

Course content


Planning, operations, controlling procurement processes in an enterprise, strategic and operational procurement.


Management and optimisation of the supply chain in the areas of procurement logistics, production logistics and distribution logistics.


Process design in production as well as process optimisation using Six Sigma. Performance measurement, key indicators and performance measurement systems.

IT and process management

Optimising in-company business processes using modern IT-systems such as SAP. Business Process Management.

Project management/agile methods


Practical applications of project management. Training and certification for using Scrum Master. Imparting soft skills.


•    Motivation, commitment, ability to work in a team and a genuine interest in the subject are essential prerequisites

•    A basic level of knowledge in areas such as procurement, production, logistics, information management or process management.

•    An interest in operational processes in commercial enterprises

•    The willingness to adopt new learning strategies and intellectual approaches

•    Assessment method: As a rule the assessment consists of an academic term paper and oral examination


SCRUM Master training and certification. Scrum has superseded traditional project management methods in many enterprises over last few years . Students have the opportunity to acquire the recognised certificate "ScrumMaster“.

Six Sigma Green Belt training course with certificate. The Six Sigma Green Belt is a universally recognised specialist in process optimisation who employs statistical methods, consistent project management techniques, and the process-related knowledge of the firm's employees.  Students have the opportunity to acquire the recognised Green Belt certificate.
Project-led teaching in small groups at the "Model Factory" in Koblenz

Job opportunities

Careers in procurement, logistics, production, IT, organisation, process optimisation, project management and management consulting.

Teaching staff

-       Prof. Dr. Bert Leyendecker has many years of experience in production, project management and process optimisation and supervises numerous industrial projects in these areas.  He gained Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification in 2004.





-       Prof. Dr. Ayelt Komus is an expert in the process optimisation, implementation and further development of complex IT systems such as SAP. His experience is drawn from numerous studies and publications in the areas of process management, IT management as well as in agile methods.

Prof. Dr. Elmar Bräkling has long-standing experience in the area of industrial purchasing management. He stands for forging close links with business and supervises numerous practice-led projects.