Requirements and Diagnostics Computer based Placement Test

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  • Digital Language Lab

What is the computer-assisted English Placement Test?

The digital placement test consists of four parts. It tests your command of standard spoken and written English (American and British) by means of a grammar test (2 parts), a vocabulary test and a pronunciation test. You will need about 60 minutes to complete the test. Please note that this test is quite demanding. In order to reach top scores, you have to be a fairly proficient user of the English language. So there is no need to worry if you do not know the answers to each of the questions. If you have taken the test before (e.g. if you have previously studied for a different degree) you do not need to re-take the test.

What will the result be like?

You will receive an individual score report. This will consist of separate percentages for each of the sections and one overall percentage. You may use the individual percentages to find out about your personal learning needs; the scores will be the basis for your group allocation in Business English I. Students who do not do well in the test should attend a preparatory course ('Brückenkurs Englisch') and use resources outside our institution to improve their English skills before taking Business English I. We wish you every success for your studies!