First Steps/News

You were successfully able to apply for a semester aborad with ERASMUS and now need additional information regarding workflows, deadlines, obligatory events and required documents? Our guidelines are there to support you and help answering some of the most urgent questions you might have. Models for all required docmuents can be found in our download area on the right hand side. we also provided you with additional guidelines for filling in the Grant agreement. If you still need further information, feel free to join our weekly online session (only during the lecture period) or stop by in Room HU26.

starting with the summer term 2022 all students at Hochschule Koblenz will be able to apply for additional travel grants in form of a 50 € funding or additional travel days (will be funded with up to four additional day(s) of studying abroad) if they travel sustainably.

What is sustainable?

Sustainable travel would be travelling by bike, bus, train or using a carpool. Air travel is excluded.

How to apply??

Please provide us with the declaration of honour in connection with all required documents of proof to erasmus(at) Once the declaration has been approved you will receive a written statement.

What counts as proof for sustainable travel?

We accept all tickets for trains, busses, ferries as well as rental car or gas station receipts. If you plan on travelling in a carpool each participant is required to provide us with a declaration on honor as well as foto proof or receipts. You are also welcome to take over our Instagram account for one or two days to document your road trip. This is also valid for travels by bike.

When am i going to receive the Green Travel payment??

Green Travel funding is usually transferred with your second payment after your return.

Beginning with the Application period for the summer term 2023 our students will have access to the updated social top-ups for students with fewer opportunities. Apart from the well-established top-ups for students with children and disabilities, there are now additional options available for first generation students, working students and students with chronic illness. The social top-ups will be 250,00 €/month and can only be obtained for one category. Categories cannot be combined.

Further information can be found in our information sheet in the mobility options with Erasmus - study abroad download section on the right hand side!

What happens after Brexit regarding mobilities to and from the UK? More information on this can be found on the DAAD website.

After Brexit the UK provides students with a seperate mobility program, the Turing Scheme. Their Website provides you with more information.