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How to get your research published?

Für Promovierende der Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften (online)

In general, the course is meant to strengthen students’ ability to engage with scientific literature, find their adequate research design and write their own (popular) scientific article.

Target group: PhD students of WiSo, WiWi and SoWi, Second to six year PhDs who already have a research question and data for a paper or a finished paper at hand. First year PhD-students are also welcome, as they can learn from their peers.

Content/ learning questions: Presentation of individual research questions/research/paper in a conference setting; individual support regarding journal selection, paper setup, literature review, methodology selection, data analysis. Students also learn how to review a paper. After the course, PhD students will have the possibility to hand in their preliminary paper that will be reviewed anonymously by their peers.

Teaching methods: Lecture will take the form of a seminar with examples and real case writing and researching. Lecture will be given in English or German (depending on the audience), the paper can be also written in German.

Length of seminar: 4 hours (9.30 - 12.30h) with individual coaching sessions in the afternoon for individual questions (13.30-15.30h).

Previous knowledge: Research question should be clear and data at hand if possible or at least an idea about the research design. Ideally, at least some bring their last publications.

Referentin: Prof. Dr. Mareike Heinzen (FB Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften)


Bitte melden Sie sich auf der OLAT-Plattform "KO-PROM - Kooperativ Promovieren in Rheinland-Pfalz" an (den Code erhalten Sie auf Anfrage bei Dr. Beate Feuchte, sofern Sie noch nicht bei OLAT registriert sind, folgen Sie bittte der Anleitung für Externe) (Anmeldefrist: 1.11.2021).