Bachelor degree course in Water and Infrastructure Management Environment, Water and Infrastructure Management

Important notice: All courses will be offered in GERMAN!!!

General information on the Environment, Water and Infrastructure Management course

In view of the increasing significance of the legal, economic and ecological aspects involved in the management of planning in the fields of water management, hydraulic engineering and transportation infrastructure, the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz is now offering a bachelor degree course in environment, water and infrastructure management which trains students for this multifaceted and future-oriented discipline.

Preview of the course

The bachelor course starts either in the summer or the winter semester and lasts 7 semesters in all. In addition to a solid scientific education in civil engineering, the course also provides an opportunity to specialise in water and infrastructure management, offering the student a high-profile degree course with interdisciplinary expertise and qualifications.

Academic objective

Students will graduate with the academic title “Bachelor of Engineering”.

Career prospects

The bachelor degree course Environment, Water and Infrastructure Management offers an innovative and forward-looking education in compliance with the requirements of businesses, engineering offices and local authorities in the area, while at the same time opening up international opportunities. The training qualifies for careers in hydraulic engineering and water management, road construction and underground engineering, urban development and transportation, structural design, consultancy firms, in the public sector such as in federal, state, regional and local authorities and for academic appointments at colleges and universities.