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Back-End & Front-End Development Internship (LIVBF0702)


ESPA or European Student Placement Agency is a recruitment agency whose goal is to find high quality internships for European students and recent graduates in the UK. We work closely with our host companies to ensure the posi-tions provide the candidates with a great experience, both professional and personal.

REQUIREMENTS: ESPA vacancies are open to all EU passport holders able to travel to the UK for an educational work placement, without the need for visa documents. You have to be a registered student and/or have Erasmus+ status to be eligible for our internships. Any student who is unsure of their situation should check with their university before applying. Non-EU students can also apply if they are studying in the EU and can get an Erasmus+ grant/status for the entire length of the internship.

BENEFITS: All ESPA’s services are free for students and alumni. The benefits are:

1) Paid Accommodation.

2) Paid Utility Bills (electricity, gas, water and council tax) + Internet Access

3) Commuter travel to work (accommodation will be found within an acceptable commuting distance from the workplace, if that requires more than a sensible walk then a bus/train ticket will be provided).

This will be sourced and managed on your behalf by ESPA. These benefits have an approximate value of 700€-1000€ per month (depending on location).

There is no salary over and above the benefits offered, unless specifically stated.

To know more, please visit:

The Host Company

This company produces unique mapping solutions for cities and complex buildings. The business was created by the team responsible for the Legible London wayfinding project – a global standard in wayfinding design and city movement and awareness.

The company has advanced the field of legible mapping for urban and interior spaces, has developed a platform that supports walking and other soft mode travel and has a unique business model that will advance the mapping field significantly. The business is now expanding rapidly and is developing and implementing applications for cit-ies, campuses and airports worldwide.


The host company is looking for an intern with skills in both Back- End and Front-End Development.

The candidate will be helping to create mapping websites and applications to delight their users. The successful candidate will collaborate with designers, software developers and geospatial engineers.

The intern will work to use the company’s technology to build digital map applications for their clients and to pro-totype their ideas for the future of digital mapping. The right candidate will work with GIS and frontend develop-ers, and alongside the map designers responsible for well-known way-finding projects around the world.


The company has offices in Bath and London. The internship will be placed in Bath.


6 months.

Start date

As soon as possible.


Upper-Intermediate English knowledge. B2 level minimum.


? Helping in making the websites load and run more quickly.

? Developing enhancements using a test-first process using Java, Scala and JavaScript.

? Building frontend mapping applications with OpenLayers.

? Prototyping imaginative technology directions for the company.

? Improving the continuous integration and the deployment process.

? Looking after the cloud computing infrastructure.

? Working on specifications for enhancements to the core platform.

Personal Skills


• Experience developing applications using JavaScript and libraries such as jQuery.

• Proficiency in Java, HTML and CSS.

• Comfortable with the command line using Git, SSH and frontend build tools like Gulp.

• Comfortable working across a team with people of different skills.

• Ability to pick up and evaluate new technologies.

• Knowledge of web standards.

• Experience developing well-tested software.

• Able to work with databases, both manually and programmatically.


• An interest in GIS.

• Experience with the OpenLayers library.

• Experience with, or an interest in, using the React library.

• Some experience of automated testing of frontend applications.

• Experience with the Play web framework.

• Knowledge of Scala and SQL would be beneficial.

How to apply

STEP 1) Please, register with us at

STEP 2) Please, log in to your account in and then click on the button APPLY next to the vacancy name.

If you have any problems applying for this vacancy please email us at: apply and in the subject please indicate the Name + the code of the vacancy you have issues to apply to.

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