Centre for Communication Studies FAQ

Information on how and when to enrol on CCS courses can be found on the Enrolment page HERE.

In SS 2017, most our language modules are aimed at total beginners, level A1. However, English and German courses are offered at different levels and it is important that you chose the right one.

The level you should choose will depend on the previous learning experience of the language which you may have gained either through formal classes or/and informally by teaching yourself or interacting with speakers of that language. This previous learning experience is summarised in the ‘Prerequisites’  section of the individual module descriptions.


To help you determine your level in English and German, please take the short Dialang test found here and then sign up for the appropriate course.


All courses run for one semester, either between October and December (Winter semester) or between March and June (Summer semester) usually 12 weeks per semester. Formal assessment for the modules will take place in either week 12 or 13.


Our short courses run for 90 minutes a week and our weekend courses require attendance on both Saturday and Sunday. Our single session courses run from 3 hours to six hours on a single day.

All teaching takes place on the RMC in Koblenz unless otherwise stated.


Most courses include 3 contact hours per week (4SWS). For SS 2017, if there is a timetable clash with your degree courses, please come and speak to us personally, as it may be possible to move the course to another time in the week. Whatever your other academic or professional commitments, we believe that you should be able to find a course that suits you.

Exact times and rooms for each module can be found HERE.  


Please note: Timetables are provisional as classes are offered subject to viability of student numbers and availability of staff.

Regular attendance, but also participation in class activities, are essential where language learning is concerned as you may otherwise quickly fall behind.

If you fail to attend a class, you should:

  • inform your lecturer as soon as possible
  • check what was covered during the class and what the homework is for the following session
  • if necessary, meet with your lecturer before the next session for any clarification

It is anticipated that participants will attend all sessions and if you miss classes for 2 consecutive weeks your attendance is considered to be unsatisfactory. In order to receive credit points and if this course is to be recognised to get the Language Certificate, you are required to produce some formal evidence of why the sessions were missed.

Please also note that being late persistently is not acceptable. If you have timetable clashes, let your lecturer know as soon as possible so that you can find a solution with them; they may otherwise record your late arrivals as absences.

When learning a foreign language, three contact hours a week are not enough to achieve significant progress. You also need to work by yourself and to develop your language skills according to your individual needs and interests. As a guide we recommend a minimum of 4 to 5 weekly hours of independent study over the semester in order to complete the module successfully.

In most courses, you will be given homework every week as a follow-up to the previous class or as a preparation for the next. Please remember that  'Preparation' homework, must be done: your lecturer will expect you to have done it in order for you to contribute to class activities.

In addition to this homework, you are strongly encouraged to use all resources and opportunities available to you to practise the language. This can be done through our Language Café and/or Tandem Learning as well as the multimedia and internet-based resources available at the HS. Please discuss the opportunities with your lecturer.

This is different according to exactly what kind of course you do with us.

If you do one of our modules which require you attend lessons for 4sws per week for the whole semester, you can receive 3 ECTS if you pass the exam successfully. 

Alternatively, if you complete three or more modules in the same language, you can apply for the HS Language Certificate.

If you complete one or more of our Skills Training short courses which are 2 sws a week, you can receive a Certificate of Attendance if your lecturer decides you have completed the course successfully. Similarly if you attend any workshops or weekend seminars, you can also apply for a Certificate of Attendance.