Centre for Communication Studies Enrolment and Conditions

Enrolment and Conditions


Registration for the modules in SS 2017 can take place in two different ways:

  1. If there is no problem with the timing of the course, simply click HERE and fill in your details on the online registration form.
  2. If there are any problems or questions, please come and see us in room J019 in the first week of the semester- 20 to 24 March. The opening times are 9.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.00.  If there are enough participants who would like the course to be scheduled at a different time in the week, this may be possible.


Each module runs for 4 sws over twelve weeks and you are required to attend the lessons each week. It is also mandatory to complete the self-study exercises as prescribed by the lecturer. It is possible to miss up to two of the lessons in the semester, but please explain to the lecturer why this is necessary and  ensure that you have caught up on missed work.  Active participation in lessons is also a must.

Our short courses run for 2 sws over twelve weeks and the same conditions apply as above.

In the unlikely situation you decide that you can no longer attend any of the courses, please inform the Centre for Communication Studies as soon as possible so we can offer your place to someone else on the waiting list.